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Unity Plus Auto services is a locally owned and operated auto repair located in Houston, Texas. For years, we’ve been providing bespoke full-service auto repair solutions for our highly esteemed clients. You can count on our experience and expertise for high quality oil changing services.


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Hire The Best Oil Changing Services In Houston

Regular oil change is an essential aspect of automobile maintenance that all vehicle owners have to deal with to keep their engines in the best condition.

Keeping your car properly oiled by following the recommended maintenance schedule is one of most important things you can do to have a hassle-free experience while driving your car anytime, any day.

At Unity Plus Auto services, we are more than happy to provide our clients best quality Houston oil change services. We are recognized for our proven track record of excellent service delivery and friendly customer relations.

Our love for automobiles and the safety of our clients are the primary driving force that’s kept us in the business over the years.

What Do Oil Change Services Involve?

Oil change services may include one or combination of the following services to help you strengthen your engine and lengthen its lifespan:

The list of oil change services we offer is inexhaustible. At Unity Plus Auto services, we make sure that your car leaves our workshop only after we are satisfied about its condition. We know how important your car is for your mobility. Thus, we work hard to ensure that you receive the highest quality service that comes with satisfaction and absolute rest of mind.

Thorough vehicle inspection report
A/C or cabin air filter check
Air filter check
Check and fill Power steering fluids
Wiper blades check
Visual battery check
Tire Pressure check
Oil filter replacement
Chassis lubrication
Fluid top-offs
Vacuum front interior
Check brake fluid level

Why Do You Need Professional Oil Changing Services In Houston?

Leaving old oil in your engine can cause significant damage to it. The more the mileage of your car increases, the lower the viscosity of the engine. This causes your oil to thin out.

As oil becomes worn, it becomes harmful and acidic which may result in a premature engine wear. Overtime, the oil will turn sludge and clog oil passages. If the oil change is not performed on time, it can cause engine damage.


Servicing All Models & Vehicles

Whatever the model, maker or age of your vehicle, we have the expertise to provide your engine with top quality oil that will reduce the friction of the metal parts inside of it and prevent costly damage to your automobile.

Auto repair experts at Unity Plus Auto services do a thorough job by offering you bespoke oil change service. We help you lubricate the moving parts of your car to prevent corrosion while accelerating the cooling and cleaning of your engine.

Unparallel services and customer satisfaction

We are constantly committed to ensuring that your vehicle runs smoothly without any damage to your engine or to other components. We help you keep your oil performing at its peak so that you can drive with comfort and peace of mind.

Our experts are armed with the experience and expertise to provide you with the best oil change service to keep your engine lubricated, strong and efficient.

We provide oil changes services that include a four-tire rotation and a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection. We are fully committed to keeping your engine and your entire car in perfect condition all year round.

Fremale mechanic chaning the oil of a vehicle on a car lift, using a torque wrench to unscrew the oil tank. A collection vessel is placed underneath the outlet for environmental and recycling purposes

Choosing The Right Oil For Your Engine

Our Houston oil changing services expert will offer you a wide range of top quality oil types including ACDelco dexos1™, Mobil 1™ Full Synthetic Oil, and ACDelco Conventional Oil. We treat every client’s car like ours.


Not every oil is good for your engine. You need the expertise of our trusted technician to check your engine and determine the proper grade of oil that will be most suitable for your car. Whether your car is old or new, choosing the proper grade of oil is crucial to your vehicle’s performance and overall health.


Mobil 1™ Full Synthetic Oil

Mobil 1™ Full Synthetic Oil is an advanced anti-wear technology that offers excellent protection of critical engine parts. Its exceptional high-temperature stability helps prevent oxidative thickening. This oil type provides outstanding cold starting, lubrication and prevention of wear at low temperatures.

ACDelco Conventional Oil

ACDelco Conventional Oil protects your engine from wear and corrosion. The oil contains special additives that enhance the efficiency and performance of your vehicle.

ACDelco dexos1 Full Synthetic Oil

This oil has high resistance to oxidation which helps keep the oil from thinning out. It guarantees outstanding low-temperature flow during cold startups. In addition, ACDelco dexos1 Full Synthetic Oil offers excellent protection to help prevent formation of sludge and other debris that compromise the health of your engine.

Unsure which Oil to Use?​

If you are unsure which one is most suitable for you, our oil changing service expert will help you determine which oil grade is best for your vehicle. We derive ultimate happiness from providing the services we are most passionate about.


auto mechanic technician replacing and changing motor oil in automobile engine at maintenance repair service station


Many latest vehicles are equipped with an Oil Life System (OLS). This system is designed to interpret your vehicle’s speed and engine temperature while continuously monitoring its operating condition. This helps you to determine when your oil is due for change. The OLS also monitors other conditions such as engine revolutions, engine temperature, and mileage to help you know exactly when to visit Houston oil changing services. You should schedule your car for oil change as soon as you notice your vehicle’s OLS light illuminating.


Although OLS helps monitor your oil condition, it is important to keep track of your oil level. You can have a better understanding of the proper procedure to check your oil level. Our trained automobile repair expert can place your vehicle on a scheduled oil change and provide other crucial preventive maintenance services to keep your car in perfect condition.


Your vehicle is capable of notifying you the time for oil change. When you get the signs, it is recommended you bring your car for service. This will typically require engine on and filter change for at least once a year. The OLS will also have to be reset. Our certified oil change service Houston expert will perform the required maintenance services to keep your automobile in a dependable and sturdy condition.

why choose us?

At Unity Plus Auto services, we pride ourselves as one of the best oil services and automobile repair outfits in Houston. We make sure that all vehicles we work on have proper oil and filter changed and scheduled maintenance performed. This is important for your safety since a well-oiled engine provides you with outstanding driving experience.

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