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Our technicians aren’t only certified but have years of experience in the auto motive repair industry. We’ve repair low-end cars all the way to high-end sports luxury vehicles. If you’re in need of an auto repair shop in Houston TX. Feel free to drop your car off, we’ll handle the rest. 

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We Are A Group Of Professional Mechanics


For years, we have serviced hundreds of customers in the Houston area. We have experience working with all makes and models making us a one-stop auto repair shop for all of your vehicle needs. We are recognized for our unique and professional approach to every repair

State-of-the-art Technology

Our innovative approach to auto repair and servicing stands us apart from our competitors. We combine the latest system and technology in the industry to deliver swift and top quality services that serve you for a long time.

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Automotive Services


Oil Change

Regular oil change is necessary to keep your engine running at its best. Regular oil changes are generally easy and cost-effective. Don’t wait until your engine develops a serious fault before you change your oil. Our highly experienced oil change expert will offer you complete preventative maintenance services including regular oil changes.

tune up

Regular vehicle maintenance is one of the best ways to protect your investment.If you experienced difficulty starting your car or observed bad gas mileage, then these might be warning signs that your car needs a tune-up. Our highly experienced auto repair expert will carefully inspect your vehicle and get every issue fixed in a timely manner at a competitive price.

Brake Services

Your brake is one of the most important components of your vehicle that guarantees your safety and your loved ones. Each time you apply the brake, the discs begin to wear out and over time this could lead to brake failure. We provide reliable and affordable brake services that give you absolute peace of mind. Get a brake service inspection now!

timing belt Services

Timing belts are prone to wear and tear. If left unattended to, it will eventually break. When it breaks, your engine will stop working and may even cause a bigger damage to your engine. Our experienced auto repair expert in Houston to provide excellent timing belt services at affordable prices.

Radiator Services

The radiator helps to keep the engine in a safe temperature. Any major damage to your radiator may cause a significant problem for your engine and the entire vehicle. Our experts provide both preventive maintenance and radiator replacement services in Houston.

CV joints

Our qualified and certified auto repair experts can help with constant velocity (CV) joint repair or replacement services in Houston. Working with us gives you rest of mind while behind the wheels. We promise a hassle-free experience by putting you first with friendly.



Does your car have a bad starter? Our auto repair experts are always available to provide quicker starting solutions that will prolong your battery life and lessen the stress on the electrical cables. Get in touch to get your car inspected.


We provide exceptional alternator repair services in Houston. Our experienced alternator repair specialists will carefully inspect your alternator and the entire vehicle to figure out what’s wrong and provide a long-lasting solution.


If your vehicle has trouble starting on time, it might be due to bad battery. We can help you figure out what’s wrong with your battery and provide a quick solution to it. Even if your battery is testing OK, we’ll still recommend replacing it around 4 years old.

Auto A/C Repair & Auto Heat Repair

Whether it’s winter or summer, you need your A/C and heating unit to provide you with absolute comfort. We can assist you to restore your A/C and heating unit back to its best condition. We offer timely and highest quality auto A/C – Heat services at competitive prices.

Computer Diagnostic

We take pride in our state-of-the-art workshop and innovative approach in handling our client’s repair needs. Through effective computer diagnostics, we can access important data about your vehicle to fully understand your vehicle’s general condition.  We will offer you the best quality computer diagnostic service.


Unity Plus Auto Services provides the absolute best quality tires available and uses state of the art technology for proper balancing so that you get the maximum tire life. Every set of tires is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that every new set of tires you purchase from Unity Seoriz will keep you safe on the roads.


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Finding an automobile repair shop that has integrity can be frustrating but then I saw these guys online and decided to give them a chance. They helped with my wife’s car and mine. I referred a colleague to them just about some last two weeks ago and he also attested to their excellent services. They did an all-round service on his industrial trucks; alignments of tires and wheels, fixing of AC, suspension and steering, clutch and brake.
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I suffered a lot in the hands of a highly deceptive automobile shop. Something always gotta spoil and I always had to return to them to fix it. I thought it was a norm… Just last month, a good friend of mine introduced me to Unity Plus Auto Services and they changed my perspective about auto repair shops. I did a thorough check on my Lexus and it’s been working perfectly since then. Kudos guys for the great job.
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I find it important to send my appreciation to you guys. Your services are excellent and topnotch. And your customer service is exceptional. They know I don’t really know the technical terms so they tried to simplify things for me as best as they could. The team is cool. They helped me to avoid a stressful day I already anticipated. My firm says a big thank you and we will tell others about your quality work.
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I am giving a big YES to Unity Plus Auto Services for always meeting up with deadlines. Services are always rendered without wasting time, yet quality has never been compromised. Auto Repair Shop Houston now and always. I am giving them all stars and I hope I do not take any star back in the future. Always ready to offer u pick up or drop off service too. Great job!!!!
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I experienced a brake failure which almost claimed my life. I learned about Unity Plus Auto Services through a friend. I was told my car would be ready in an hour. I told them I was going to add extra 2 hours. But they reassured me the car would be ready in 1 hour. To my greatest surprise, my car was ready in under 1 hour. That was a rare experience. The team is awesome.
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Speaking of the workshop, experience, and awesome customer services, Unity Plus Auto Services has got it all. Their auto experts have been in charge of the periodic servicing of my family car and delivery vans for quite some time now. They sure know what it requires to get my vehicles in perfect condition. I won't go anywhere else. Best Automotive so far and Thank you as always.

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24/7 Compliementary towing Service Available

If you’re in need, have no fear. We are and always will be your goto mechanic repair shop in Houston TX. Not only can we provide towing be we offer some of the most affordable pricing for auto repair services in town. 

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